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You will be eligible to apply for the CCM Certification Program only if you collect 40 Points or more as per the below eligibility calculator:



Associates Degree or equivalent
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
Master’s Degree/PhD/J.D. or equivalent

Professional Experience

10 Points for each Year in the field of Compliance and AML


Select Certificate

Choose Your Desired Certificate

featured project

CCM- Certified Compliance Manager

  • Price : $1,099.00 (One Year’s Membership included)

Gain in-depth knowledge of the field of Compliance, including KYC and Digital Identity, Artificial Intelligence in AML, Sanctions Compliance, Regulatory Compliance Management, FATCA and CRS ...

featured project

KYCS - Know Your Customer Specialist

  • Price : $499.00 (One Year’s Membership included)

Improve your chances of promotion, or your prospects for a new career in the Banking Industry, by enhancing your knowledge of “Know Your Customer” ...

featured project

AMLS – Anti Money Laundering Specialist

  • Price : $499.00 (One Year’s Membership included)

Learn about Anti-Money Laundering (AML) best practices, plus Transaction Monitoring Systems & Procedures from a risk-based approach and more...

featured project

SCS – Sanctions Compliance Specialist

  • Price : $499.00 (One Year’s Membership included)

New and practical information about Sanctions Compliance, globally. Enhance the level of protection provided by your Name Screening system ...

featured project

FCS – FATCA & CRS Specialist

  • Price : $499.00 (One Year’s Membership included)

Understand foreign tax laws (FATCA and CRS), and how to implement their standards within your institution ...

featured project

RCS – Regulatory Compliance Specialist

  • Price : $499.00 (One Year’s Membership included)

Learn how to navigate the world of Regulatory Compliance, including the compliance scope and how compliance monitoring works ...

featured project

GCI-Golden Award Certificate

  • Price : $1,999.00 (Three Year’s Membership included)

If you are CCM awarded take one more step to have the chance with the help of our mentors to be an accredited trainer for CCM. ...

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