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“AML Horizon” GCI Interview with Martin Woods


Event Information

  • Event Type: Certification Program
  • Delivery Channel: Virtual
  • Date: 15/03/2022 - 21/04/2022
  • Duration: 20Hours
  • Fees: $850.00
  • CP-01

Event Description

Join our virtual classes in March 2022 delivered by our very own AML expert: Martin Woods.  

You will get the opportunity to learn from an industry expert on financial crime prevention, GCI Chair - Martin Woods. Martin has a wealth of experience as a detective who once investigated financial crimes, including global frauds and money laundering, and went on to have a successful career in financial crime prevention, working for and with a wide variety of firms all over the world. 

Over the 20-hour virtual course, you will gain in-depth knowledge based on the know-how concept, on how to fight money laundering and apply your knowledge in your career as a financial crime compliance professional.  


Why attend? 

  • Our thorough AMLS program teaches AML best practices and Transaction Monitoring Systems and procedures, all using a risk-based approach. 

  • The study guide for this important certificate helps you better understand the real meaning of money laundering, going far beyond traditional training materials that simply discuss the stages and methods of money laundering. 

  • Our program helps you build an AML customer risk rating system, transaction monitoring systems and scenarios, investigation best practices, how to implement an AML risk-based approach, FIU reporting, and much more. 

Learning objectives 

  • Understand AML & CTF 

    • What is the “Original Crime”?
    • Understand the exact Concept of Money Laundering and why the bad guys do it?
    • The Consequences of money laundering
    • Counter-Terrorism Financing


    How do they Do it?

    • Know the most common and the new money laundering scenarios
    • Financial sector
    • Non-financial sector
    • Shell Companies
    • International Transactions
    • Customer Behavior
    • New Technologies in Practice (Blockchain)
    • Virtual currencies


    Advanced AML-Banking

    • Types of Nesting and Down Streaming in correspondent banking
    • Correspondent Bank Risk Rating
    • What is okay and What’s not
    • TMS Umbrella and Internal Accounts


    Transactions Monitoring- In Practice

    • How to Detect, How to re-act
    • What AML scenarios you should have
    • Alerts investigation (Case Management), How to conduct a smart EDD
    • Reporting How to deal with management and FIUs
    • Mind and Way of Thinking for the AML Manager
    • How can an AML manager maintain a business and a happy customer?


    AML Risk-Based Approach

    • Understand the AML risk Based approach and how to do it
    • How to calculate the overall customer risk score
    • AML Program Risk Self-Assessment


    Legal and Regulatory Structures

    • The Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
    • AML Program


    And Much More

Expert Trainer

Martin Woods

Martin Woods

Chair of the Global Compliance Institute

Martin Woods has a wealth of experience as a detective who once investigated financial crimes, including global frauds and money laundering. Upon leaving the police service he embarked upon a career as a senior financial crime compliance officer, working for and with a wide variety of firms all over the world. He has provided training to regulators, central banks, law enforcement agencies and regulated firms and has been called upon to provide expertise as well as guidance. He has been highly commended by regulators and is passionate about empowering people to fight financial crime.

He advocates we are all here to Make A Difference and he is always on the look out for those who may want to join his MAD – Make A Difference revolution. He prides himself as an enemy of the money launderer, the fraudster and the terrorist, who uses training to equip, inspire and motivate others.

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