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Event Information

  • Event Type: Certification Program
  • Delivery Channel: Virtual
  • Date: 18/04/2022 - 09/05/2022
  • Duration: 14Hours
  • Fees: $850.00
  • 2000200212

Event Description

Gain the latest practical knowledge of Global Sanctions Compliance and enhance the level of protection provided by your name-screening systems. 

Our study guide for this certificate defines the compliance controls of three distinct pillars: Processes, Systems, and Reports. It also discusses the most important sanctions regulations issued by the UN, EU, and OFAC.

Additionally, our program teaches you how to deal with sanctioned or high-risk countries, providing you with advice on sanctions systems, understanding violation reports, interpreting the results, and much more.

Learning Objectives  

Understanding sanctions

  • What Sanctions, are and why it’s important to comply?
  • Know how to protect your institution from dealing with embargoed individuals or entities
  • Understand the best practices for sanctions compliance controls



  • Determine how much your institution is vulnerable to sanctions risks
  • Learn the modern methodologies that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your program
  • Account Opening
  • Banking Authenticated Messages
  • Other Products and Services
  • Dealing with High-Risk Countries



  • Types of Nesting and Down Streaming in correspondent banking
  • Correspondent Bank Risk Rating
  • What is okay and What’s not
  • TMS Umbrella and Internal Accounts



  • Violation Report - Structure
  • Violation Report - Interpreting the Results
  • Interpreting Bank Authenticated Messages Report
  • Helping you to make the right decision regarding accepting or rejecting a transaction


The international context

  • United Nations Sanctions
  • EU Sanctions
  • United States Initiatives
  • Have a solid understanding of the most important country sanctions


And Much More




Sanctions Compliance officers and managers, in addition to transfers and trade finance staff in the following industries:

  • Banking Industry
  • Insurance and reinsurance Companies
  • Brokerage agencies
  • Leasing and Microfinance Companies
  • Lending Firms
  • Exchange Houses and Money Service Business


Workers in the supervisory authorities e.g:

  • Central Banks
  • Financial Sector Regulatory Authorities
  • Financial Intelligence Units FIUs
  • Related Ministries and governments bodies
  • More


Workers at the (IT solution firms) who provide sanctions and name screening systems.


Expert Trainer

Marie-Josee Samneh

Marie-Josee Samneh


Marie-Josée Samneh is a Lebanese legal, compliance & anti-money laundering officer with a focus on banking and financial matters.
She has extensive experience in the Lebanese banking and financial industry. In her 10 year career, Marie-Josée worked as the head of compliance in, respectively, a Lebanese financial institution (MENA Invest SAL), and a leading Lebanese subsidiary of a Swiss private bank (Arab Bank Switzerland Lebanon SAL (ABSL), where she established the compliance department (AML and legal) from the ground up.
In fact, Marie-Josée prepared all policies and procedures of the compliance department and oversaw the implementation of various strategic, operational and regulatory processes. In her experience, Marie-Josée also worked as the head of legal and compliance in the Association of Banks in Lebanon which is a professional association established by Lebanese banks. During her time at the Association of Banks in Lebanon, she contributed to the preparation of various banking legislation (FATCA, CRS, etc.,) and coordinated their discussions with the various stakeholders (Government, Banks as well as banking and AML regulators).
Today she is the primary contact with Lebanese regulators at ABSL, she handles all the Bank's strategic development plans and all legal/regulatory interactions between ABSL and its Swiss parent company.

Marie-Josée is also the Secretary of the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, the Risk Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Anti Money Laundering Committee at Arab ABSL.

She holds a Law Degree, a Master’s in Banking and Finance from Sagesse University in Beirut, a Master’s in Management from the Ecole Superieure des Affaire Beirut, and an Executive Education, “Program for Leadership Development” from Harvard Business School. She is also a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. Marie-Josée speaks and writes with full proficiency, Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

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