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Out Now - Anti-Money Laundering Specialist - AMLS - 3rd Edition

  • By GCI

GCI® (Global Compliance Institute) is excited to announce that the 3rd Edition of our Anti-Money Laundering Specialist - AMLS Study Guide is now available. This new edition will help you understand the international standards and the latest best practices in fighting financial crime, analyse the evolution of money and financial technologies (virtual currencies & virtual assets) and much more.

With the help of several experienced compliance and anti-financial crimes professionals and education specialists from different parts of the globe, we present to you the up-to-date AML training material.

Some of the key developments


Fintech & the Evolution of Money and Financial Crime

  • Know how to build a perfect and compliant online customer onboarding process, Digital Identity, and EKYC.
  • Develop Transaction Monitoring Systems (TMS), Money Laundering Risk Rating Tools, and Case Management Systems employing the latest technologies in AML, including Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation.
  • Understand the evolution of money, Virtual Currencies & Virtual Assets. and how to mitigate the associated financial crime risks.
  • Analyse the opportunities and challenges presented by Fintech in the fight against financial crime.


Risk-Based Approach & Compliance Monitoring

  • Learn how to apply an AML "Risk-Based" approach, including Automated Customer Risk Rating, Transaction Monitoring, and AML Regulatory Examinations, along with detailed models and examples.
  • Prepare a detailed and comprehensive Geographic Risk Index (GRI) that covers Money Laundering, Terrorism Impact, International Sanctions, Corruption, and Financial Secrecy
  • How to conduct a KYC Analysis and a reasonableness test of the KYC information.
  • How to detect PEPs through Customer Due Diligence and PEP Screening, PEP Risk Assessment, classification, and declassification according to FATF & Wolfsberg.
  • Learn how to identify the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) with detailed examples.



You can check out all of the new details here. And you can download the program handbook from here.

This edition is now available in English only; other languages will follow.

Candidates who enrolled on the AMLS program before the 15th of March 2023 will sit the 2nd edition assessment. New candidates who register for the program will sit the 3rd edition assessment.

The practice exam has also been updated to match the 3rd edition. Our support team can provide you with a link to the 2nd edition practice exam if you have students who enrolled on the 2nd edition but didn't sit for the assessment yet.

Our AMLS members can download the new study guide for free.

For any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]