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GCI-Golden Award Certificate

Our Golden Award Certificate allows you to explore the latest compliance information with the help of our mentors around the globe. Choose a topic from our list (KYC, AML, sanctions compliance, regulator compliance, or FATCA & CRS), along with other related subjects, and consult with our mentors to prepare a comprehensive white paper that will help you stand out and advance your career.

Papers discussing new technology and developments in the field of compliance are highly sought after, which increases your chances of getting an approved paper.

GCI Mentors will guide you through your journey, discussing your paper with you, and offering advice on how to enhance and improve it.

Our advisory board will then review your paper for final approval or comments.



Candidates must be CCM certified in order to submit an application for this certificate.



Approval may lead to many opportunities, including becoming a GCI Mentor and an accredited trainer for CCM or other GCI certificates, as well as the chance to speak at one of GCI’s conferences, seminars, or webinars.


Maximize Your Potentials

  • Analyze regulatory instructions and best standards and to read between the lines.
  • To be at a high level of ability to transform instructions into practice in a very intelligent manner.
  • To have the ability to discuss and explain your point of view in a professional manner and reach the desired results.



  • Move to the next level of professionalism and expand your perceptions
  • Reveal your high standards.
  • Find out what you like doing best


Become a Master

  • Become internationally recognized, Be a great leader and give from your experience and knowledge to others



  • Communicate with like-minded professionals and Engage in the most prestigious events with people who can add value to your career


And Much More


    Compliance and AML Professionals:

    • Banking Industry
    • Insurance and reinsurance Companies
    • Brokerage Firms
    • Leasing and Microfinance Companies
    • Lending Firms
    • Exchange Houses and Money Service Business


    Workers in the supervisory authorities:

    • Central Banks
    • Financial Sector Regulatory Authorities
    • Financial Intelligence Units FIUs
    • Tax Authorities
    • Related Ministries and government bodies


    Professionals working in (Compliance and AML) solutions-vendors



      •  Program Duration: 45 Days
      •  # of Words: 5000
      •  Type of Testing: White Paper
      •  Pass Mark: 75/100



      • If you are CCM awarded, You can directly register in this certificate.



      • GCI will receive your request and directly assign a mentor to guide you through this beautiful journey.


      Choose a Topic

      • GCI's mentor will help you to choose a topic related to any of the below subjects:
      • Customer Onboarding and KYC
      • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF)
      • Advanced AML Investigations
      • International Sanctions and Embargoes
      • Regulatory Compliance Management
      • FATCA & CRS


      Write Your Paper

      • Prepare a white paper (Five thousand words at least, excluding footnote and bibliography).
      • A proper citation must be included.
      • The paper should illustrate an in-depth analysis of best practices and offer author opinions that substantively contribute to the information put forth.


      Advisory Board

      • Once your paper is ready and revied by your mentor, you can submit your paper for the GCI's Advisory-Board Approval
      • Your result may take 2-4 weeks


      • English
      • (Three Year’s Membership included)