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Test & Training Centers Rules

Rules of Being a GCI Training or Testing Center

  • GCI will have the right to take any reviews or complaints from candidates regarding the training/assessment centre and to investigate the matter with the training centre.
  • GCI would have the right to cancel the test or training centre accreditation if it found that the centre didn’t comply with the rules.
  • Training centres can arrange for class training courses and set their prices according to the quality and cost of service they provide in addition to the certificate's published cost by GCI.
  • The test or training centre can use the marketing tools by GCI on their social media channels and website but without any amendments. They are not allowed to amend the video, banner, or any marketing material or add their logo, names, etc without the GCI pre-approval.
  • For group exams, GCI will provide the test centre with a username and password for an on-sight proctor from the centre's staff, noting that this option will not be given to all centres, where the user's exam will be monitored online by the GCI proctoring services as the case of the self-study & self-assessment process.
  • The test or training centre can nominate a qualified trainer(s), as per the below details:
    • 2020: The centre can nominate a trainer to GCI for acceptance, according to the trainer qualifications, as compared to the certificate or CCM chapters he/she will provide."
    • Starting in 2021: The trainer must be CCM certified if already accepted by GCI, as mentioned in Point 1. There is no need for new acceptance.

    In case the centre is facing challenges in finding a qualified trainer, they can ask GCI to provide the needed support according to the available resources (if any) in the test centre region.


  • The centre can set the needed program training hours according to candidates' needs and experience, and as the test centre and the trainer sees fit, However, GCI recommends that the CCM training program should not be less than 26 hours in all cases. Also, the centre could get more than one trainer for the CCM program if the trainer backgrounds cannot cover all six chapters of the CCM study guide.
  • GCI can provide the test centre with the certificate study guide in a PDF format to be printed out (in colour) and handed to the nominated trainer, after getting the GCI acceptance, so the trainer may decide if he/she can teach it. No soft copies should be shared without the GCI approval.
  • The test centre should welcome any mentor from GCI to its facility (if needed), with no cost to the training centre.
  • The test centre should update GCI with any change of centre information as soon as possible, especially the contact and location details.
  • The test centre that provides training programs should have suitable and safe classrooms and equipment for the training program (closed and air-conditioned, equipped with a computer and projector, etc.), and if the training centre provides its training programs in hotels or other facilities that meet the requirements, that is also acceptable by GCI.
  • The test centre should have a suitable testing room (closed and air-conditioned, equipped with surveillance cameras to record the exams and be available to record for one month as a minimum so that GCI can be provided with these records if needed.
  • Test and training centres are not required to have a minimum number of training programs or assessments to be held every year nor a minimum number of students for each program.
  • If the training centre doesn’t have the required testing rooms, they may ask GCI to be an accredited training centre only and then arrange with another accredited testing centre for the assessment. However, GCI is not part of this arrangement.
  • Training or testing centres should protect the data and the privacy of the candidates and not use this information for any other purposes except for the training and certification program the candidate applied for.
  • Training or testing centres should not provide any candidate’s data to GCI unless there is an official request or application from the candidate.
  • GCI may change these rules at any time. If this is the case, it will be published on the GCI website.