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Equip your employees with up-to-date training programs; specialising in compliance and financial crime prevention

Employee Training and Development

GCI provide your employees with up-to-date training programs, tailored to your business needs.
We are here to collaborate with you and provide the best approach for training your employees. We will provide continuous advice throughout the process, to ensure we deliver exactly what you need.

GCI Courses

Enhance your employees’ ongoing training and competency, by providing them with one of GCI’s modules based on international best practices. Use our hassle-free online assessment platform to receive copies of their certificates.
List of individual certificates that we provide:

1- Certified Compliance Manager (CCM).
2- Know your Customer Specialist (KYCS).
3- Anti Money Laundering Specialist (AMLS).
4- Sanctions Compliance Specialist (SCS).
5- Regulatory Compliance Specialist (RCS).
6- Foreign Tax Specialist (FTS).

Bespoke Training as
per your business needs.

Ask GCI to tailor a specific training program to meet your own requirements, in the field of compliance and financial crime prevention. We will manage and deliver your bespoke training program.

Book an appointment with an account manager

If you have questions about training your employees, or would like to book a call with an adviser, please complete the below form.