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KYCS - Know Your Customer Specialist

Increase your chances for promotion or selection by banks and other Institutions by enhancing your knowledge with our Know Your Customer training.

The study guide of this valuable certificate gives you detailed practices and procedures for customer onboarding and identifying beneficial owners. It also helps you design effective internal procedures and KYC forms while illustrating how to solve KYC-related problems with comprehensive case studies.

Our KYC training also discusses KYC updates, E-KYC, national digital identity, and much more.

Customers Identification and Verification 

  • What is KYC, CDD, and EDD?
  • Individuals 
  • Corporates
  • Charities and NGOs
  • Governmental bodies and Embassies 
  • Minors 
  • Other Arrangements 
  • How, When, and Why you should verify Customers' Information


Beneficial Owner

  • What does it mean to" Know Your Customer"?
  • What is a "Beneficial Owner" means? 
  • POA
  • Bank authorization
  • Authorized Signatories


The Smart Way To Obtain Customer's Information 

  • How to design smart and efficient KYC / E-KYC form
  • ٍCustomer Onboarding 
  • Account opening workflow and process of accepting the Customer
  • How to be smart in collecting data?


Keep Up with modern Developments and Technology 

  • Customer Onboarding and KYC
  • Online Customer Onboarding

  • Update of Data Electronically

  • Digital Identity and Standardized KYC


Customer Risk Rating

  • Why it's important?
  • How to do it effectively


Data Protection

  • Why it's important 
  • How to manage, monitor customer Information and changes
  • How to protect customer Data and GDBR?



  • What is required according to FATCA & CRS at the onboarding
  • Ask what's is needed only, don't go far.


And Much More


Customer Service, Account Opening,front liners and Back office staff in the following industries:

  • Banking Industry
  • Insurance and reinsurance Companies
  • Brokerage Firms
  • Leasing and Microfinance Companies
  • Lending Firms
  • Exchange Houses and Money Service Business


Workers in the supervisory authorities e.g:

  • Central Banks
  • Financial Sector Regulatory Authorities
  • Financial Intelligence Units FIUs
  • Tax Authorities
  • Related Ministries and government bodies


College-business graduates

  • Who are interested to work in the Banking and Finance Industry



  •  Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
  •  # of Questions: 50
  •  Type of Question: Multiple Choice
  •  Pass Mark: 75/100 (50% for each Chapter )


The result appears directly, once you submit your answers

The certificate will be issued instantly, and sent to your email address You can ask GCI to send it to your employer, through your membership area at any time


Candidates have two options, when taking the exam:

Option 1: Self-Study. Take the online proctored exam at home

GCI’s examination process is set to the highest standards, allowing the candidate to easily register and receive their Study Guide (e-book) in their selected language.

Once the candidate feels ready, they can schedule the exam according to their availability.

Then, GCI will provide the candidate with a token allowing them to access the exam at the scheduled date and time.


Option 2: Get the help of an accredited Training and Testing Centre

Candidates can choose the nearest GCI test centre through our website and visit it to receive help, whether by attending a class training program, taking the assessment at their facility, or both.

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Chinese Simplified (2022)
  • Spanish (2022)
  • (One Year’s Membership included)