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Join GCI Chapters

Local and Regional Chapter

Chapters are extensions of GCI; they are not separate legal entities. They are designed to develop GCI’s overall education and training efforts at the regional or country level by providing a local Board for discussion, networking, and training.

Local and regional Chapter members serve as local representatives of GCI, to further GCI’s mission and the value of the GCI certification. In addition to supporting the GCI related educational programs and facilitating networking opportunities that encourage the exchange of ideas and create new relationships among chapter members.

Why join a chapter?

- Be a leader in the industry. Recognized by GCI.

- Join the compliance and anti-financial crimes community right on your doorstep.

- Be an integral part of the regional and international events hosted by GCI.

- Be a mentor to other professionals in your region, for the golden award certification program.

- Help your country to spread the Compliance Culture and support anti-financial crimes efforts.

What are the eligibility criteria to join a chapter?

Your experience, background, and what you can offer to the compliance and anti-financial crimes community is what determines your chances of joining a chapter.

Being CCM certified, will increase your chances.

Fill out the application form and a relationship manager will get in touch with you.

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