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GCI, OCCRP and enabler

  • By Miranda Patrucic & Martin Woods - interview at GCI Europe Launch

Miranda Patrucic truth chasing an economist who found her way into journalism and is now the Editor in Chief of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

We so enjoyed the pleasure of her company in London last week, where we celebrated the launch of our GCI European business.

What an inspiration, if you ever ponder about the importance of fighting financial crime, just watch some OCCRP investigations on their website or YouTube. The OCCRP join the money to the crimes, the politicians, their families, enablers and the properties they buy.

Did you know the family of Ilham Aliyev (the president of Azerbaijan) own properties in London with a value in excess of $650 million? Did you also know there is slavery and human trafficking in Azerbaijan?

Journalists in Azerbaijan have been targeted and sent prison for pursing and reporting the truth. None of which stops the tenacious and engaging Miranda Patrucic.

Presently the OCCRP and Miranda are focusing upon the professional enablers who have helped oligarchs to avoid sanctions (see The Rotenberg Files on the OCCRP website). Once again the OCCRP are helping the AML professionals.

So we decided to help the OCCRP and we are delighted to share that we have made a commitment to allow any OCCRP journalists to study with GCI and undertake our programs with a bespoke arrangement between GCI and OCCRP (reach out to Amie Hornegold for more on this)

We wanted to go beyond talking about making a difference, we wanted to contribute, take action and support brave journalists in the OCCRP fighting financial crime and protecting communities. And this is one way we can show our support.

We are in this fight together, the common enemies are launderers, kleptocrats, human traffickers, drug dealers, enablers and their families.

Training is a weapon we can use to deter, detect and defeat these bad actors. We look forward to working with and supporting the journalists of the OCCRP.

We look forward to connecting you to their work and helping them. Together we are stronger and we can make a difference, a big difference.

GCI is an enabler for good.